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The Physician Assistant Students Promoting Diversity and Inclusion (PASPDI) organization works to advance understanding of diversity and inclusion for current physician assistant students. We seek to promote and facilitate an understanding of the experiences and needs of various underserved, underrepresented, and/or stigmatized populations in order to create well-rounded and culturally literate future healthcare providers. Our work includes bringing in educational guest speakers, creating monthly journals, facilitating community service opportunities, and contributing to the Wellness Pavilion located in Homewood. 


Board Members


Zane Elgogari (he/him), President

Nina Routh (they/them), Internal Vice President Eddie Lasker (he/him), External Vice President 
Tori McGovern (she/her), Treasurer Morgan Spencer (she/her), Secretary 

Ashley Valcin (she/her), Social Media Chair 

Aijalon Brown (she/her), Wellness Pavilion Chair



Lindsay Burns (she/her), Ad Hoc Committee Chair



Past Events & Speakers

Healthcare within the Transgender Community April 14, 2022

Ari Rubinson uses his experience both as a Registered Nurse and Transgender man to educate healthcare providers on LGBTQ+ competent healthcare. He began doing so by giving a TedX talk at Temple University while he was attending nursing school there. His hope is that through education based on personal experience and evolving research, the care and health of LGBTQ+ will improve.

Privilege Walk June 21, 2022

During the privilege walk, our cohort identified various advantages and disadvantages each of us faced prior to matriculation in the program. This exercise helped us further understand and appreciate the diversity of our colleagues’ backgrounds based on race, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, and other variables.

Healthcare within the Deaf Community July 5, 2022

Catherine Zagare, Educational Interpreter (ASL/English) MA EIPA and Shannon McAleavey spoke with our class about best practices in approaching a patient who is deaf and how to best minimize potential disparities they may face.

Neighborhood Academy July 18, 2022

Future Health Care Provider Outreach Program (FHCPOP) launched at the Neighborhood Academy on behalf of the Wellness Pavilion. This multi-disciplinary event taught high school students via lecture and hands-on activities the various roles of health professions within the healthcare field, such as EMS, physical therapy, and physician assistants. In addition to this, the students were able to learn about the required prerequisite course to apply to their field of interest.

Wilkinsburg Health and Wellness Fair- September 10, 2022

Volunteers attended the Wilkinsburg Health and Wellness Fair hosted by UPMC Magee Women’s Hospital Community Outreach. Healthy snacks and preventative screening information were passed out as well as our cohort engaging in discussion with community members on how to best maintain or better their health.