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While no one was paying attention to the problem, we created a solution.

There wasn’t a way, so we invented one. No one had done it before, so we became the first. Throughout our 50-year history, the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) has been on the cutting edge of change. We’ve achieved one success after another, pushing theory, higher education, research and clinical practice in new directions. 

As the result of our work, more of us are living independently, competing in the game and experiencing life without pain. Even enjoying everyday activities like playing at a waterpark with friends.

Going beyond the limitations—whatever those limitations might be—drives SHRS and its community to do more; to reach higher and fight harder to expand the boundaries of science in order to improve our health. A world free of barriers and disparities is our mission. 

Our past accomplishments are inspiring. They are a testament to the fortitude of many—faculty, students, alumni, staff and friends—whose legacies extend back to the 1920s when the Physical Therapy program first operated at the D.T. Watson School in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

But our future potential is limitless. As you revisit some of the defining moments of our past, we invite you to see how bold moves define us. How they create leaders, drive research and transform the world as we know it.

You can only imagine what barrier we’ll break next.

Stay tuned for a full site dedicated to the storied accomplishments of Pitt SHRS through over 50 years of groundbreaking advancement in health care, education and research.