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The master’s degree program admits 27-32 students in each graduate cohort. The program admits students each year in the fall. Student outcomes are evaluated each year using multiple metrics that are part of the overall program evaluation to assess student learning, faculty effectiveness, and course and curriculum effectiveness.

Program Info 2023 Reporting Period
Current Student Enrollment (as of September 1, 2023) 62
Number of Graduates from
December 2022 through August 2023
Program Completion Rate 100%
Percentage of Students
Passing NCC Exam at Time
of Graduation
Employment Rate within 6
Months After Graduation

Please see the 2022-2023 Counseling Annual Report for additional information.

In this report, you will find: 

  • Information regarding applications and enrollment 
  • Student characteristics 
  • Program outcomes (graduate, certification, and employment rates) 
  • Evaluations of student performance, including Key Performance Indicators

For additional information, e-mail Michelle Schein at