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November, 2020

Dr. Katya Hill, University of Pittsburgh, Szu-Han Kay Chen, T A. Ridenour and Ming-Chung Chen are awarded the Best Poster Award for their poster titled: Family involved Clinical AAC Intervention for a Chinese Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the 2020 International Conference on Special Education Inclusive Education and Career Development in the Asia-Pacific Region.

January, 2020

Dr. Katya Hill, University of Pittsburgh and Dr. Jane Huggins, University of Michigan presented a session on Research Results from an Augmentative and Alternative Communication Brain-Computer Interface at the ATIA Conference in Orlando, FL. Their session included a demonstration of the AAC-BCI prototype being testing in their laboratories and in the field. 

January-February, 2019

Dr. Katya Hill, Associate Professor and Mike O’Leary, Clinic Director at ICAN Talk Clinic presented a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Boot Camp workshop at the ATIA Conference in Orlando, Florida. Content included the basics of EEG BCIs, how a P300 BCIs work, the difference between gel and dry electrode head gear, potential BCI users and their need support system, present evaluation and calibration requirements, monitoring performance and outcomes and ethical issues that should influence AAC-BCI clinical services. 

November 2019

Dr. Katya Hill, Associate Professor was invited to present a special AAC SIG-12 seminar on Time Matters:  Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Data Logging and Performance at the Annual American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention in Orlando Florida.

October 2019

The Council for Clinical Certification in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CFCC) and its Committee on Clinical Specialty Certification (CCSC) awarded a Stage V Grant Funding in the amount of $30,000 for the completion of a practice analysis study and the development of the assessment mechanisms to the American Board of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AB-AAC). Dr. Katya Hill s Chair of the AB-AAC leading the endeavor for specialty certification for speech language pathologists specializing in AAC. Information about the work of the AB-AAC is at

May 2018

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance and National Science Foundation (NSF) invited Dr. Hill to present and participate at the Cerebral Palsy Summit on Assistive Technology Innovations for Communication and Mobility in San Francisco, CA. Dr. Hill presented on Theory-based perspectives on speech and language development with respect to AAC use.

April 2018

Participant recruitment begins for the National Institutes of Health (NIH) STTR Phase II award for the Laboratory Testing for Compatibility Between Brain-Computer Interface and High Efficiency Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems. Dr. Katya Hill and the iLab research assistants along with Dr. Jane Huggins at the University of Michigan will be testing the efficiency, performance and user satisfaction of an EEG dy electrode headgear to use with an AAC-BCI prototype. 

November 2017

Dr. Hill receives the 2017 Clinical Achievement Award from the ASHA Foundation presented at the 2017 American Speech Language Hearing Association Convention in California.

March 2017

Dr. Hill receives the 2017 State Clinical Achievement from the Pennsylvania State Speech Language Hearing Association (PSHA) conference presented in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.