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DPT Student Service Board (SSB)

The Pitt DPT Student Service Board (SSB) is a student group that serves to support and promote accessible, student-led opportunities which allow PT students to actively engage with their local communities. The SSB consists of an executive student leadership board and multiple student-led, community-based organizations. Current student-led SSB organizations include Mighty Strong (Mighty Penguins) strength and conditioning program, Senior Fitness Classes, numerous adaptive sports programs including swimming, rugby, basketball and golf, and the Birmingham Free Clinic. Each of these student-led organizations provide opportunities for Residential and Hybrid DPT student leadership through director positions. Hybrid DPT student leaders on the SSB executive board help to direct and oversee the expanding pool of unique community-engaged experiences for their hybrid DPT peers across the nation. Community engagement is an integral piece of the Pitt DPT curriculum and students on the SSB are going above and beyond as change agents in the community.  Virag serves as the PT faculty advisor for this group.

Student-Led Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in PT Group

Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) in PT is an entirely student-based discussion group allowing for an open DEI focused learning environment.  Our mission is to create a safe, accepting, socially aware society within the University of Pittsburgh Physical Therapy Department and to develop leaders in the health care system that will advocate and be an ally for people of diverse backgrounds.  Group members are willing to facilitate discussions, are open to learning from all perspectives and are understanding of differences in opportunities. Leadership positions for both residential and hybrid DPT students are available to students interested in promoting and supporting DEI in the PT profession. 

Interprofessional Student Board (ISB)

The Interprofessional Student Board (ISB) is established to foster interprofessional collaboration between students of various health professional schools who will one day be a part of the primary care team. They work to develop awareness, respect, and appreciation among health professional students. ISB hosts Interprofessional Case Conferences in which the interdisciplinary team collaborates and creates patient cases that are complex enough to incorporate each of the health professional programs in a thoughtful manner.