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The Bachelor of Science in Emergency Medicine (EM) program is housed within the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology. This is an upper division major meaning students start the EM program after completing 60 college credits including specific prerequisite courses.

Program Summary*
60 credits required to begin program (see prerequisite courses)
Program starts fall term only
2 years (4 terms)
120 credits total required to graduate

At the end of the junior year students are eligible to sit for the National Certification Examination for Paramedics, administered by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Students will be certified paramedics upon successful completion of the exam. For over 40 years, paramedics have functioned in the out-of-hospital environment, providing emergency care to people with life-threatening illness or injury. Today, the field of out-of-hospital medicine is expanding rapidly to include many aspects of health care in addition to emergency management. As this field continues to grow and change, leaders and educators with a background in emergency medicine are needed to help shape the future of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and overall patient care.

*Recognizing that students will be entering the program with varying levels of education and experience, students are admitted into the program at the appropriate level based on the student's career and academic experiences. Currently certified paramedics will be awarded 39 credits.

Emergency Medicine Career Options

Due to the ever changing health care industry and the integral part EMS has played in public safety, EMS will be more than a medical response in an emergency. It will play a vital role in improving the general health of the population in the community it serves. The demand is also growing for EMS professionals to have an expertise in business, management, teaching and clinical techniques. This program is intended to give its students the edge in the field. 

Starting Paramedic Salaries: Average:  $32,000-$42,634