The University of Pittsburgh offers an undergraduate program in emergency medicine. Students are provided with a strong foundation in clinical experiences, educational expertise, and administrative leadership.

This program is designed to meet the growing need for the advanced skill levels required in the EMS profession and to prepare students for the technical, clinical, and administrative challenges of a career in EMS and health care today.

Application Requirements

Pitt Students

A formal SHRS application is required for admission and can be completed online.

Applications are due March 15.


Paramedics must include a copy of their certification.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from a school other than the University of Pittsburgh must apply through the University of Pittsburgh's Office of Admissions, Transfer Admissions.  Transfer students must also submit the supplemental information required for SHRS (this supplemental information is part of the transfer application).  Junior year transfer students are encouraged to apply early.

Senior transfer students must be a currently certified (or nationally registered) paramedic with a card to receive the advanced standing of 39 credits.  Paramedics must include a copy of their certification. 

Contact the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid at (412)624-7488 with any questions.

Note: Application can be submitted while course requirements are in progress.

A group of students working as a team to treat a patient in cardiac arrest, this practice develops knowledge of the protocols and the ability to work as a team leader and team member. Students posing for a picture at the completion of their junior year.
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