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Junior Year - Fall Term

Junior Year - Spring Term

Senior Year - Fall Term

Senior Year - Spring Term

  • HIM 1231 - Talent Management and Human Resources 
  • HIM 1431 - Revenue Cycle Management                                                                 
  • HIM 1471 - Intro to Healthcare IT and Emerging Technologies                                 
  • HIM 1497* - Clinical Internship 
  • HIM 1651** - Capstone Project                                            

*Possible placement out-of-state

**Students take the RHIA Registration Exam – estimated fee $230

(PLEASE NOTE: THE COURSE CURRICULUM IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Our courses are only offered once per academic year. If a student fails to successfully complete a course, the student must retake the course the next academic year. This may also prevent the student from registering for the advanced-level courses and delay the date of graduation.)