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Through our SLP program, students enjoy clinical education in real-world community-based settings, hands-on mentoring by faculty experts in various areas of speech-language pathology and integrated classroom and clinical education with unique opportunities to participate in research.

Our highly-ranked curriculum (#3 by U.S. News and World Report)offers:

  • Identification, prevention, diagnosis, and treatmentof disorders across the lifespan affecting functions including...
    • Speech
    • Language
    • Hearing
    • Cognition
    • Social interaction
    • Swallowing
  • Emphasis on evidence-based practice and critical inquiry
  • Interdisciplinary assessment

Required Courses:

Clinical Practice (10 credits):

Optional Coursework:

Other Requirements:

CSD 2069 - Written and oral comprehensive examination

Thesis Option (Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology):

CSD 2000 - Master's Thesis

Students who elect to complete a master's thesis are exempt from the written component of the comprehensive examination. In addition, the oral thesis defense serves as the oral component of the comprehensive examination for these students.


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