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The Physical Therapy concentration leading to a Master of Science degree in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is a one year graduate program housed within the Department of Physical Therapy.

Program Summary
33 credits
1 year (including 1 summer term)
Program starts spring term only

The MS offers concentrations in 1) musculoskeletal or 2) neuromuscular physical therapy. Each concentration's plan of study is designed to provide advanced clinical skills and knowledge to practicing physical therapists who want to update their clinical skills using evidence based principles in clinical decision making. In addition to coursework and laboratory sessions, students also participate in physical therapy clinical rounds which provide them with additional knowledge of advanced physical therapy practice.

This program is intended for both US citizens and international physical therapists seeking advanced clinical skills. 

As a foreign-trained physical therapist with a first-professional degree from your home country, you will need to have your professional credentials evaluated if you plan to apply for licensure in the United States. New international graduates are expected to have the same number of academic credits and have learned the same content as a U.S. Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate when your credentials are evaluated for equivalency. The coursework in the MSPT program, while not directly qualifying you for licensure, will apply towards the total number of credits needed to meet the criteria to take the licensure examination. The licensure process is run by various agencies and is not associated with any University setting.

If you are interested in licensure in the United States, we encourage you to begin the process early as it can take months to have your academic credentials reviewed. We recommend that you consult others from your country who have recently had their credentials evaluated for additional insight. The University of Pittsburgh offers reasonably priced College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests which can also supplement your academic credits for licensure.