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What is the fee structure for the MSPT program at the University of Pittsburgh?

The MSPT program at the University of Pittsburgh is completed in one year: fall, spring and summer semesters. Students pay the per credit rate for the summer. Tuition rates change year to year. For more information regarding tuition rates, you can visit the University of Pittsburgh website at

Is an internship included in this course?

Not at this time. (Please check the curriculum or ask your advisor). We attempt to get interested students in the clinic as long as they have completed all the paperwork required by the University for safe access to patients.

When am I expected to pay the fees?

Payment is made every semester after you are registered for classes.

How can the payment be made?

The easiest way to process the fee payment is through a wire transfer; money will be transferred from your home country within three business days. There are other methods to process the payment. You can secure the wire transfer information and other payment information at Thackeray Hall, 140 Thackeray Street, once you are here.

If I want information regarding tuition fees who should I contact?

You may contact the Student Payment Center regarding tuition and fee information at or by calling (412) 624-7520.

Is there an installment scheme available for fee payment?

For information regarding paying for classes, contact the Student Payment Center regarding tuition and fee information at or by calling (412) 624-7520.

Is there a scholarship or assistantships available for me as an International Student?

There are no scholarships or assistantships available at this time.

Can I get financial aid or an assistantship for the first semester?

There is no financial assistantship or aid that is offered by the Department of Physical Therapy for students in the MSPT program. Any grant or aid money that does become available is typically reserved for the PhD students.

What options do I have for an on-campus job?

You are eligible to work up to 20 hours a week on campus. It is your responsibility to find one. The Office of International Services website (OIS) can give you additional information regarding part-employment regulations for international students.

What kind of on-campus jobs are available and how can you apply?

You can get jobs at various places like the libraries, computer labs or recreation centers provided that they are on-campus. You can apply for these jobs once you are on campus. Some job applications will be available online through OIS.


Would I be eligible to sit in the license exam (NPTE) or to do clinical practice after doing this program?

As a foreign-trained physical therapist with a first-professional degree from your home country, you will need to have your professional credentials evaluated if you plan to apply for licensure in the United States. New international graduates are expected to have the same number of academic credits and have learned the same content as a U.S. Doctor of Physical Therapy graduate when your credentials are evaluated for equivalency. The coursework in the MSPT program, while not directly qualifying you for licensure, will apply towards the total number of credits needed to meet the criteria to take the licensure examination. The licensure process is run by various agencies and is not associated with any University setting.

If you are interested in licensure in the United States, we encourage you to begin the process early as it can take months to have your academic credentials reviewed. We recommend that you consult others from your country who have recently had their credentials evaluated for additional insight. The University of Pittsburgh offers reasonably priced College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests which can also supplement your academic credits for licensure.

Can I do OPT as part of the program in physical therapy at the University of Pittsburgh?

The OPT application is independent of securing a job as a physical therapist in the United States. It is a special kind of visa that grants permission for you to work for a year after coursework is completed. However,  to work specifically as a PT, a license will be required. We will not be able to provide you with a formal employment opportunity once your studies are completed. We've had students who've managed to participate in this program by getting their professional credentials evaluated VERY EARLY, or even prior to their arrival in the United States, securing their PT license here in the US (often taking CELP courses on-line as they complete their masters degree with us, or taking laboratory courses at the local community college in order to satisfy the credentialing board that they have met the criteria of a physical therapist licensee here in the United States), then finding a job opportunity with some employer. For further clarification of this option, we would suggest that you contact the Office of International Services here at the University of Pittsburgh. They would be your best resource on this matter for up-to-date information about this option.


How long is the course of study?

The current plan of study is designed to be completed in 12 months. It will begin in January and will be completed in December. The degree that you will receive is a Master of Science in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with a concentration in either Musculoskeletal or Neuromuscular Physical Therapy.

Do I have to take the electives that are listed on the plan of study?

You do not have to take any electives. They are provided for students who want to learn more. They are optional learning activities.

What are my options for housing in and around campus?

Pitt provides housing options to freshman and underclassmen. Please go to for additional alternatives for graduate students.

What are my options for transportation in and around campus?

With your Pitt Student ID, you are able to ride any of the Port Authority Transit (PAT) buses and or trolleys free. The University of Pittsburgh also provides shuttles in and around the main campus in Oakland. Please visit for additional information.

When can I get my student ID?

You can get your ID badge after orientation at the Department of Physical Therapy. You will go to Litchfield Towers to Panther Central any time between 7:30am – 6:00pm Monday-Friday. You need to provide photo identification (driver's license or passport).

Do I need to bring books with me or can I purchase the required materials there?

We do not recommend that you purchase any materials in advance due to the possibility of last minute requirement changes. All students will have time to purchase the necessary materials once here on campus.

What is the deadline to apply for the Masters Program for International Student?

The deadline is October 1st, but international students are encouraged to apply early.

Do I have to take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) for admission to the Masters program in Physical Therapy?

We do not require the GRE for the Masters program.

What is the minimum TOEFL that is acceptable for the Department of Physical Therapy?

A minimum score of 80 on the IBT (Internet-based test) or 550 on the PBT (Paper-based test) on the Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required. Official TOEFL results must be reported directly to the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences via ETS using institution code 2927.

Does the University of Pittsburgh accept the IELTS score for admissions also?


What is the minimum IELTS score necessary for admission?

IELTS score: Band 6.5 minimum

I want to be admitted to the University of Pittsburgh Physical Therapy program but my TOFEL and IELTS scores are too low. What can I do to help gain admission to the program?

If you would like to take English language courses while in Pittsburgh, please visit the for more information on how to improve our English scores.