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Bridging the Gap: Research Publication, Dissemination and Implementation

Katie Caspero wears many hats–occupational therapist, founder of OT Graphically, and now, first graduate of the Advanced Practice Certificate in Implementation of Evidence in Clinical Practice! This December, Caspero completed her studies in our online, post-professional CScD in OT program which empowers occupational therapists to develop advanced leadership skills, implement evidence into practice and transform both clients’ lives and the profession of occupational therapy. Caspero hopes to combine her newly acquired advanced practice education with her previous training and experience to serve occupational therapy practitioners and researchers by providing the necessary tools to close the gap between research publication and real-world dissemination and implementation. 

What is your background in occupational therapy (education, training, work, etc.)? 

I completed my Master's in Occupational Therapy at Duquesne University in 2015. Since graduating, I've worked primarily in the outpatient pediatric setting. During the pandemic, I started my own company called OT Graphically where I create infographics of research to help disseminate best practices and support the implementation of up-to-date occupational therapy interventions. I enjoy being able to combine my love for design with the creation of much-needed resources to help bridge the gap between research publication and action in the real clinical world.  

Why did you choose the Advanced Practice Certificate at Pitt? 

I chose the Advanced Practice Certificate because I knew I always wanted to be able to give back to the OT profession outside of clinical practice in some way, including the implementation of research. Once I came up with my business idea, I was seeking out additional resources to further my training on this topic area and found the certificate was a perfect fit for my goal. 

What do you hope to achieve with your advanced practice training? 

During this program, I was able to learn more about critical analysis of research and how to share research with different types of audiences. I hope this certificate will allow me to provide quality services to OT professionals and OT researchers in the form of infographics for research dissemination and implementation.   

Is there anything else you’d like to share with the Pitt OT community? 

The Pitt OT community is amazingly supportive and such an impressive group of individuals. I was grateful to have the opportunity to benefit from another campus in the city and have another great educational experience!