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6 doctoral graduates in cap and gown attire with professor and department chair

Pictured are: Ketki Raina, Associate Professor; Angela Caldwell, Assistant Professor; Donna Anderson, CScD graduate; Erica Van Eck, CScD graduate; Kelsey Watters, CScD graduate; Michaela Hayden, CScD graduate; Pamela Toto, Professor; Juleen Rodakowski, Associate Professor and department chair 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” as quoted by Chinese philosopher Lau Tzu. The first cohort of online post-professional Doctor of Clinical Science (CScD) in Occupational Therapy students spent most of their journey remotely at home, yet their final and most joyful step was all together and in-person. The group of four CScD students who started the online program in 2020, finished in person with their faculty mentors and course instructors at the SHRS Graduation Ceremony on December 17 by crossing the stage to complete this important milestone. 

Even though the weather on that December day was chilly for their first in-person meeting, the welcome and introductions were warm. This was thanks in part to the dedicated time they spent with each other in classes and during one-on-one advising sessions with their faculty mentors. Despite living in various parts of the country and being removed from Pitt’s campus, the students, their faculty mentors and course instructors all grew to learn more about each other over the last two years thanks to the strength of the Pitt OT community. The smiles on the graduates’ faces shined through as connections between the group of Pitt alumni were strengthened.  


Published on February 6, 2023