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This past spring, OT faculty members Amit Sethi and Angela Caldwell were each awarded a research grant from the National Institutes of Health for their research. 

Associate Professor Amit Sethi received an R21 grant from the National Institutes of Health to support his project aimed at improving hand function in stroke survivors. The project, "Strengthening task specific activation of paretic hand muscles after moderate-to-severe chronic stroke," will investigate a novel rehabilitation paradigm using non-invasive brain, nerve and hand stimulation coupled with daily activities. The goal is to optimize hand function and independence in daily activities in survivors of stroke. 

Assistant Professor Angela Caldwell received a R21 National Institutes of Health to develop a mobile app that tracks the health behaviors of young children with Down syndrome. The project, "Development of a Novel mHealth Platform to Track Health Behaviors of Young Children with Down syndrome," will provide data to clinicians through an online portal to inform clinical practice and facilitate the health promotion of children with Down syndrome. 


Image stating "congratulations to Amit Sethi and Angela Caldwell on recent grants" with a photograph of Amit and Angela

Congratulations to Dr. Amit Sethi and Dr. Angela Caldwell