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Bambang Parmanto

Serving 23-years as a faculty member and most recently as interim chair, Bambang Parmanto officially became head of the Health Information Management Department this September.

Parmanto has a prolific research career leading or co-leading research grants with funding totaling multi-millions of dollars. He has also received patents, copyrights and trademarks, and racked up university inventions related to mobile health applications (SmartCAT, Active2, iREST, SleepTracker) telerehabilitation (VISYTER, iMHere) and other products such as PersonA (persuasive social network for physical activity) and AcceSS (web intermediary that transforms web page content into an accessible format for people with disabilities). Through his research, Parmanto has partnered with other SHRS faculty and researchers as well as many others across the University.

During his time as interim chair, Parmanto guided the department through the process of creating the School’s first distance learning offering with an online master’s degree program in Health Informatics. “The Online MSHI will train professionals who can then apply their health care business and clinical knowledge as well as skills in informatics and analytics to improve health care in the digital age,” says Parmanto. The online program's first cohort begins in January 2020.