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Improve the health and well-being of people across the human lifecycle. Nutrition Science focuses on how food plays a vital role in our overall health and the management and prevention of disease.

The undergraduate program in Nutrition Science provides a solid foundation for career opportunities in business and industry, food and nutrition management, public policy, and public health positions. The degree’s curriculum also offers the flexibility to fulfill prerequisite coursework for graduate education in almost any health-related professional program such as medicine, physician assistant studies, dental medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports science or public health.

Our faculty are experts in the field with years of experience in real-world application of evidence-based nutrition science. 

This program does not meet the eligibility requirements for Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDNs). For students desiring to become RDNs, please refer to the Dietitian Nutritionist Program information.

Sophomores applying to the Nutrition Science (BS) program at SHRS can also apply for the Physician Assistant Studies Guaranteed Admissions program. Learn more.