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The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science program is housed within the Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition. This is an upper division major meaning students start the program after completing 60 college credits including specific prerequisite courses.

Program Summary
60 credits required to begin program (see prerequisite courses)
2 years (4 terms)
Program starts fall term only
120 credits total required to graduate

Nutrition Science is the science of nutrition and so by its nature, it encompasses other scientific disciplines including biology, chemistry, and biochemistry. Nutrition Science is also the study of how food and nutrients affect the human body requiring study of food science, anatomy, physiology, genetics, and psychology. Nutrition Science studies how nutrition can play a role in health and disease prevention, in so doing linking food and diet with statistics, economics, culture, and population health. The ultimate objective of Nutrition Science is to understand how nutrition can contribute to overall health. 

A Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science can be the foundation for career opportunities in business and industry, food and nutrition management, government, public policy, and public health positions. The degree can also provide skills and the prerequisites for post-baccalaureate schooling for health-related professional degrees (e.g., physicians, physician assistants, naturopathic physicians, osteopathic physicians, dentists, and veterinarians).