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The Fall 2024 application deadline has been extended to May 15.

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Clinical Participation Requirements

Admission Requirements

  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 (based on 4.0).
  • 60 credits are required to start the program. Students who will have completed a minimum of 54 credits may be eligible.


  • Foundations of Biology 1, BIOSC 0150
  • Foundations of Biology 2, BIOSC 0160
  • Biology Lab, BIOSC 0057 or BIOSC 0058
  • General Chemistry 1 and Lab, CHEM 0110
  • General Chemistry 2 and Lab, CHEM 0120
  • Organic Chemistry 1, CHEM 0310, 3 credits+
  • Organic Chemistry 2, CHEM 0320, 3 credits+
  • Introduction to Human Nutrition, NUTR 1006 or HRS 1006
  • Seminar in Composition*, 1 course
  • Oral Communication, 1 course. COMMRC 0520 preferred; 0310, 0500, 0510, 0530 acceptable.
  • College Algebra, 1 course. MATH 0031 or higher math required. Exemption accepted.
  • Statistics, 1 course. STAT 0200, 1000 or 1100 required.
  • Literature*, The Arts*, Creative Work* or Philosophical Thinking and Ethics*, 1 course
  • Social Sciences*, 1 course
  • Grade of C- (C for transfer), 3 credits minimum unless otherwise noted   

+Students may take Principles of Organic Chemistry, CHEM 0350 in place of Organic Chemistry 1 and 2; however, students should first investigate organic chemistry requirements of graduate programs specific to their professional goals.

*See the DSAS Catalog.  

Please note, the SHRS General Education Requirements for courses in Diversity and Global Awareness and Cultural Understanding will be met by taking NUTR 1612: Food and Culture within the program.

Prerequisite Worksheet

Application requirements

  • Complete the application by the May 15, 2024 deadline. Applications may be submitted while prerequisite coursework is in progress.
  • Submit a personal essay (~1-2 pages in length) addressing the following:
    • A brief statement discussing why you are interested in nutrition science, your professional goals including how and when you became interested in nutrition science, as well as any work or volunteer experience you have that will demonstrate your awareness of the field. Also include other areas of interest, extra-curricular activities and leadership experiences.
    • How have your experiences shaped your choice to enter a health care or research field, and how might these experiences contribute to promoting equity, diversity, inclusion and a sense of belonging for individuals you will work with in your future career?
  • Resumes are strongly recommended.
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended.

COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement

The University of Pittsburgh requires that all affiliates on all campuses be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved exemption. This policy applies to all faculty, staff, students and postdocs.

Pitt Guaranteed Admissions Program

The Physician Assistant Studies (MS) hybrid and on-campus programs will offer guaranteed admission to select Nutrition Science (BS) students beginning with those admitted to the BS program for fall 2024. Consideration for the Physician Assistant Studies (PAS) Guarantee is a multi-step process. Qualified students will be asked by the School of Health and Rehabilitation to submit supplemental information in support of their candidacy. 

To be considered for the Guarantee, Nutrition Science (BS) applicants must: 

  • Apply to the Nutrition Science (BS) upper-division program by March 1. Students are encouraged to apply early. 
  • Hold a 3.60 or better science prerequisite and overall grade point average (GPA) at the time of application. 
  • Eligible students will be invited to submit supplemental application materials, including recommendation letters and personal statements, to the PA program by April 1. The supplemental information will be reviewed by the PAS selection committee. 

Students selected for the guarantee based on their submissions will be notified by the PAS program. Students offered the guarantee must: 

  • achieve a 3.60 or better science prerequisite and overall grade point average (GPA) while enrolled in the Nutrition Science (BS) program, 
  • complete all admission requirements for the PAS program, 
  • meet with a PAS faculty or staff member at least once per year providing proof of GPA and courses taken,  
  • complete your Nutrition Science degree at Pitt in two years, and 
  • apply to the program through CASPA by October 1 following graduation from the Nutrition Science (BS) program. You must apply to the format of the program (hybrid or on-campus) to which you were Guaranteed admission.  

PAS reserves the right to limit the number of students offered Guaranteed Admission each year. Only admitted Nutrition Science (BS) students can be considered for the guarantee.