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Thomas Platt is an associate professor and director of the Emergency Medicine program. He serves as the Program Director for Paramedic Education at the University of Pittsburgh. Platt has more than 30 years of experience in EMS and has served as principal investigator for the Pennsylvania Department of Health Bystander Care Project and the US Department of Transportation First Responder National Standard Curriculum Project. He completed his undergraduate degree in public administration at the University of Pittsburgh, a master's degree in adult education at Penn State and a doctoral degree in instructional design at the University of Pittsburgh School of Education. Platt has also served as project manager for international development projects. He's authored numerous ancillary products and texts for EMS education and has served as a paramedic for EMS agencies, a flight paramedic for STAT MedEvac, and a volunteer firefighter. 


Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology


Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling
Emergency Medicine
Undergraduate Program in Rehabilitation Science