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PhD students have the opportunity to develop an individualized program of study tailored to meet their specific needs and goals. As part of their program, they have the opportunity to work with world-class scholars and clinical programs at Pitt and in the larger Pittsburgh community, which is recognized internationally as a leader in medicine, biotechnology, behavioral neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience

For the CSD PhD degree, a minimum of 72 credits beyond the bachelor’s degree is needed. 

Required coursework includes: the departmental PhD Research Seminar (CSD 3048); a minimum of 3 additional PhD seminars (one in speech and language, one in hearing, and one in the student’s major area of study (speech-language or hearing)); a minimum of 12 credits in research design and statistics; and attendance each fall and spring term at the weekly departmental Proseminar (CSD 3060). The proseminar includes student and faculty poster sessions, a colloquium series, and a student-centered research roundtable that allows participation and problem-solving by students at various stages of their research training. 

Otherwise, coursework and other experiences are individually tailored for each student, in consultation with the student’s advisor and the advisor-chaired Plan of Study committee. 

SHRS Doctoral Student Award