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SHRS Doctoral Student Award

The Doctoral Student Award provides funding to SHRS PhD students to support projects that are related to their dissertation research. View a list of past award recipients below.


Rachelle Brick, Occupational Therapy

Developing a Stakeholder-Driven Cancer Rehabilitation Intervention for Older Adults with Breast Cancer

William Conkright, Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Sex Differences in Hormonal and Extracellular Vesicle Responses and Physical Performance During Simulated Military Operational Stress and Training

Cara Donohue, Communication Science & Disorders

Proactive Dysphagia Management of Patients with Neurodegenerative Diseases: Early Identification and Intervention

Haley Dresang, Communication Science & Disorders

Neural and Behavioral Dissociations in Aphasic Verb Retrieval

Pamela Dunlap, Physical Therapy

The Effects of Psychological Factors on Level of Disability among Persons with Vestibular Disorders

Amy Hartman, Occupational Therapy

Sleep Health in Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Jessica Kersey, Occupational Therapy

Community Participation Indicators in Traumatic Brain Injury

Kellen Krajewski, Sports Medicine & Nutrition

Motor Variability and Gait Complexity Responses to Load Carriage and Imposed Locomotion Patterns in Healthy Recruit-Aged Adults

Emily Kringle, Occupational Therapy

Influencing Sedentary Behavior Through Participation After Stroke

Atsuko Kurosu, Communication Science & Disorders

Investigation of Embodied Language Processing on Command-swallow Performance

Yina Quique, Communication Science & Disorders

Get in Sync: Entrainment Mechanisms and Individual Predictors for Scripted-sentence Learning in Aphasia

Mengchao Zhang, Communication Science & Disorders

Study the Effect of Non-Traumatic Noise Exposure on Speech Recognition in Noise from a Perceptual Observer Model

Application information can be found here.