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The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences is internationally recognized for the excellence and innovation of its research programs, spanning a wide range of health and rehabilitation disciplines and areas of focus. These research programs examine mechanisms, strategies and systems to improve health and wellness of people across the lifespan at risk for or experiencing chronic conditions or disabilities.

These research programs address two major foci:

  1. Physiological, behavioral and environment factors that influence human performance of and engagement in activities essential to healthy and productive living.
  2. Access to and quality of health system care delivery across settings, including home and community, inpatient and ambulatory care. 

SHRS research spans the full translational research continuum, comprising studies in basic science, clinical science, measurement and intervention research, health services research, implementation and dissemination research.

Personal Performance & Engagement

  • Studies examining the injury and repair of the body’s cells, tissues and physiological systems that are essential to health and function
  • Studies examining human performance, behavior and lifestyle and their impact on health and function
  • Studies examining personal and environmental factors that influence health and function

Health Systems Optimization

  • Studies examining health and rehabilitation provider behavior and training methods to optimize health care delivery
  • Studies examining the development of new health and rehabilitation programs and systems to optimize health equity and care quality
  • Studies examining access to and quality of health services, as well as health care policies and their impact on health equity and care quality


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InSpIRe is the Interdisciplinary Springboard for Innovative Rehabilitation—a monthly research roundtable discussion series featuring expert guest speakers. SHRS internal members can access the SharePoint site here.

Research Initiatives by Department

Anechoic Chamber

Communication Science and Disorders

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Counseling virtual visit


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HI students working with a health app

Health Information Management

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physical therapy

Occupational Therapy

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woman using a treadmill in a PT research center

Physical Therapy

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physician assistants looking at mannequin

Physician Assistant Studies

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rehab science researchers testing wheelchair

Rehabilitation Science and Technology

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sports science class

Sports Medicine and Nutrition

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Research Initiatives by Center

Healthy Home Laboratory

Healthy Home Laboratory

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researchers using moving platform to test seating

Human Engineering Research Laboratories (HERL)

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data center graphic

SHRS Data Center

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