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Faculty and Student in Medical Virtual Reality Center


The Medical Virtual Reality Center (MVRC) is a multi-disciplinary effort utilizing the talents of a wide variety of medical and engineering specialists, including: neurologists, otolaryngologists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, bioengineers, and computer and information scientists. Many of the team members are actively treating persons with balance and dizziness disorders, and all of the members of the team are engaged in important research in these areas.

The MVRC is part of the Raymond E. Jordan Center for Balance Disorders, based in the Department of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) in the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

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The MVRC is located at:   
University of Pittsburgh
Department of Otolaryngology
Room 127 Eye and Ear Institute  
203 Lothorp Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Contact information:      
Phone: (412) 647-7462
Fax: (412) 647-0108