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Research Experiences

We offer students opportunities to engage in research experiences within the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology. Participation in research will help you gain critical skills and complement classroom learning. 

Available options include volunteer as well as paid positions and are available to Pitt students and non-Pitt students. Please fill out the appropriate link below.

Before applying, we encourage you to take a look at RST Research areas, publications, facilities, and faculty to help get a better idea of what RST Research has to offer.

Pitt Students (undergraduate, graduate)

If you are a Pitt student interested in exploring research opportunities, please complete the SHRS Student Research Tracker at this link. You MUST have an active Pitt e-mail to complete this form.

Under the “Disciplines” section, please choose “Rehabilitation Science and Technology/Prosthetics and Orthotics” as “Disciplines: Choice 1.” This will ensure that your application is routed to RST first.

If we are unable to provide a position at RST, your application will be routed to any additional departments you indicate under “Disciplines” (Choice 2 and so on).

Non-Pitt Students

If you are not enrolled at Pitt but are interested in exploring research opportunities, please complete the Online Research Interest Form at this link. Your information will be shared with all RST Research faculty and kept on file.