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Students in the Physician Assistant Studies have many opportunities to get involved in activities within the program and in the local community. Learn more about the PAS Student Society and see some of our student awards and awardees.

This immersive 360-degree virtual tour invites you to tour the academic spaces for Physician Assistant Studies in the Murdoch Building:

Professionalism and Mistreatment Reporting Form

The purpose of this Professionalism and Mistreatment Reporting Form is to enable a confidential reporting mechanism for learners and faculty to identify any mistreatment or unprofessional conduct they have experienced within any of the learning environments of the Physician Assistant Studies program. This form should be used for reporting incidents only and should not be used for emergencies.

All forms will be reviewed within 72 hours of submission and will be triaged according to level of urgency.

All individuals who submit this form will receive a summary of the conclusion of the investigation, should they choose to provide their email address.

Physician Assistant Studies Professionalism and Mistreatment Reporting Form