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Change Communication for the Better

Pitt's undergraduate program in Communication Science is leading the way for clinicians-to-be who aspire to careers in health care. It provides a solid foundation in speech and hearing sciences so you are well-prepared for graduate level academic work and clinical training. 

Expert faculty will guide you through a rigorous but rewarding curriculum. You’ll gain an understanding of how we communicate, different types of communication disorders and what types of careers lead to working with individuals with various speech, language, hearing or swallowing disorders. 

Because you will be able to personalize your education, you will be well-prepared for graduate programs such as audiology, speech-language pathology and other health care fields.

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Field Descriptions
Field of Study (Intended Major)

  1. Certificate
  2. Certificate - Hybrid/Online

  1. Doctorate - Rehabilitation Science
  2. Doctorate - Physical Therapy - Entry-level DPT
  3. Master's Degree - Physical Therapy - Post-professional Master of Science
  4. Master's Degree - Health Informatics
  5. Master - Hybrid/Online - Health Informatics - Online
  6. Master's Degree - Dietitian Nutritionist Program
  1. Fall - Spring - Summer
  2. Fall - Spring
  3. Fall
  4. Spring
  5. Summer
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