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The Communication Science curriculum offers students an introduction to the main career paths in the fields of audiology and speech-language pathology, and a depth of speech, hearing and language production courses.

Students will explore:

  • Linguistics and language development
  • Anatomy and physiology of speech and hearing
  • Speech and hearing science
  • Communication and swallowing disorders

Core Courses Available to First Year and Sophomore Students

The following courses are available to students at the first-year and sophomore year level including students not formally in the Communication Science major:

Plan of Study

This plan of study identifies the sequence of core courses offered in the Communication Science degree program.  A course schedule for each semester may also include any remaining Prerequisites Requirements or Additional Requirements, minor or certificate courses, or other elective courses.​ Students are required to have an individual advising appointment with the Communication Science Academic Advisor every semester prior to registering for classes for the upcoming term.

Junior Fall

Junior Spring

Senior Fall

Senior Spring

Related Area / Minors and Certificates / Directed or Independent Studies

No additional related area is required for this undergraduate degree.

Many students are able to complete certificate programs or minors in addition to the major requirements in Communication Science. In recent years, students have attained certificates in Conceptual Foundations of Medicine, Latin American studies, American Sign Language, and Children's Literature and minors in Education, Neuroscience, Linguistics, Social Work and Sociology, among others. These are only a few of the many certificate programs and minors available at the University of Pittsburgh.

In some locations, employment as a speech-language pathologist within an educational setting requires additional courses for certification. Students considering work in educational settings should consider enrolling in education courses (i.e., IL 1257 - TEACHING ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS) as electives. Students can consult with the CSD Advising Office for more information.

Students should consult with Dave Bodnar ( or the Director of the Communication Science Program, Professor Ali Lewandowski ( about the possibility of pursuing a directed or independent study with a member of the faculty, as a formal approval process is required.  Opportunities are also available for students at all levels to volunteer in a research lab with a Communication Science and Disorders faculty member.


Required Core Courses

Optional Core Course

CSD 1031 Guided Clinical Observations, 1 credit

 *Can be taken in freshman or sophomore year
**Can be taken sophomore year (CSD 1232 is a pre-requisite).

Course selection and sequencing must be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Education Ali Lewandowski