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Pitt CSD has a unique combination of internationally-recognized scientific and clinical strengths, active research partnerships with world-class experts in computational modeling, neuroimaging, engineering and data science, and close clinical partnerships with nationally-recognized health care providers. These partnerships enable us to provide hands-on training experiences relevant to each step in the preclinical-to-clinical translation process. We have a diverse funding portfolio with support from federal sponsors such as NIH, NSF, DARPA and non-federal sponsors (e.g., PCORI and foundation grants). In 2019-2020, we had 19 active federal grants, 1 PCORI contract and 3 foundation grants.

CSD Research Labs

Bohland Lab brown lab bharath lab coyle lab

Jason Bohland: Speech Neural Systems Lab


Chris Brown: Psychoacoustics Laboratory


Bharath Chandrasekaran: 
SoundBrain Lab

DePaul School for Hearing and Speech Partnership


Jim Coyle: Computational Deglutition


dickey lab duff lab evans lab hampton wray lab

Mike Dickey: Language and Brain Lab (LABlab)


Dawna Duff: Child Language and Literacy Lab


Will Evans: Language Rehabilitation and Cognition Lab

​Finding the Sweet Spot


Mandy Hampton Wray: Brain Systems for Language Lab


helou lab hill lab palmer lab parthasarathy lab

Leah Helou: Laboratory for Vocal Systems Anatomy and Physiology Research


Katya Hill: AAC & BCI iNNOVATION Lab (iLab)


Catherine Palmer: HEAR Core (Healthy Engagement thru Auditory Research)

PCORI HearCARE Hearing for Communication and Resident Engagement Project

The World is Listening


Aravind Parthasarathy: 
Translational Auditory
Neuroscience Lab


pratt lab rousseau lab lea sayce shaiman lab

Sheila Pratt: Pediatric Audiology and Auditory Rehabilitation Lab


Bernard Rousseau: Laryngeal Biology Lab


Lea Sayce


Susan Shaiman: Speech Production Lab


wallace lab  

Sarah Wallace: Communication and Cognition Lab

Undergraduate Research Experiences:

Brain and Communication Undergraduate Research Experience (BrainCURE)


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Jack Matthews-Herbert Rubin Lecture:

Dr. Elena Plante: 22nd Annual Jack Matthews-Herbert Rubin Lecture 

Research Round Table:

Spring Events 2021

Research Round Table Presentations:

Shared Lab Initiatives

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