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Forge a new path

Gain the prerequisites you need to become a hearing or speech professional.

Many individuals complete their undergraduate degree then decide to follow a different path. If this is you, and you have a desire to help individuals with hearing or speech disorders, consider the Post-Baccalaureate Year for Communication Science and Disorders.

Although this is a non-degree, non-certificate program, the coursework follows that of Pitt’s BA in Communication Science. Upon completion, you will be prepared to apply for graduate study in audiology or speech-language pathology either at Pitt or another university.

The investment of one year now leads to a rewarding future.

Bold Moves SHRS: Where do diversity and inclusion initiatives intersect with communication science & disorders? Pitt CSD is collaborating with other universities to help diversify the communication science disciplines. The IMPACT program connects college students from underrepresented backgrounds to faculty mentors at a pivotal moment in their student journey, increasing access to higher education for diverse populations. Read more here.