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We welcome applicants of all abilities/disabilities, religions, marital statuses, familial statuses, sexes, ages, sexual orientations, veteran statuses, national origins, ancestries, races, colors, genetic information, and gender identities and expressions.

Admissions Requirements

A baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution.

Application Procedures

Application Deadline: March 30th. Applications may be considered after the deadline if space is available. 
Application review begins December 30th.

Apply Now

All applicants must:

  • Complete the SHRS Apply Yourself application.
  • Submit a personal essay addressing the following:
    1. What you have done to learn about the field of communication science and disorders (both the science and clinical practice) in preparation for majoring in our post baccalaureate program in communication science? (maximum word count: 200 words); and, 
    2. Communication Science is a challenging major and admission to graduate school for speech-language pathology, audiology or other health-related and science fields is very competitive. Please explain what academic and personal skills you have developed since starting college that will allow you to be successful in this major. What do you feel are the critical skills, practices and attitudes that you must continue to work on as you proceed further in your academic studies?  (maximum word count: 500 words). 
  • Submit a resume.
  • Submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended.
  • A letter of recommendation is not required.
  • Additional requirements for international applicants

Additional Information

Applications may be submitted while non-CSD courses are in progress.