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Skills2Care® is a research-based occupational therapy program for caregivers of persons with dementia.

The Department of Occupational Therapy at the University of Pittsburgh is seeking willing caregivers of people with dementia to receive the Skills2Care® program and all its benefits from Doctor of Occupational Therapy students training to become certified in Skills2Care®. If you are interested in participating in this caregiver-focused program, please complete the Pitt OT Skills2Care® Intake Form.

Program Goals

  1. Improve wellbeing and skills of caregiver
  2. Reduce challenging behaviors that occur with dementia
  3. Slow decline in daily function for person with dementia

What will you learn?

  • Better ways to communicate
  • Ways to reduce your stress
  • Healthy things you can do to take care of yourself
  • How to make the home safer
  • Suggestions on how to avoid challenging behavior
  • Solutions for everyday activity challenges

What does the program include?

  • Up to four visits over two months with a trained occupational therapy provider at a time and location convenient to you
    • Can be in-person or by telephone/video
  • Additional resources

Skills2Care®: A Personalized Education Experience for Occupational Therapy Students to Help Older Adults Age in Place receives University of Pittsburgh Office of the Provost Personalized Education Grant.