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Student with clinical instructor looking at x-ray images on computer

A highly skilled medical staff is one part of the quality health care puzzle. Another piece is accurate, reliable patient data—available at a moment’s notice and in the hands of the right practitioner—that enables doctors to make critical decisions about patient care.

A comprehensive, up-to-date health information management (HIM) system provides data where and when it is needed. HIM stands at the intersection of medicine, business management and information technology. It’s a field that is changing rapidly, as new technology makes information more accessible and keeps HIM graduates in demand.


Learn more about the expanding field of HIM, career trajectories and job outlook. 

Our mission is to prepare the next generation of practitioners, faculty and researchers in health informatics and information management through teaching, research and service. The HIM Department delivers quality undergraduate and graduate educational programs, creates new knowledge in health informatics and information management through its research, and maintains broad-based national and international recognition as a leader in health informatics and information management.                                                                                               


Information technology advances at a breakneck pace, and part of our job is using it appropriately and effectively to improve patient care and outcomes through HIM research.