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International Seating Symposium

The International Seating Symposium (ISS) is the world’s largest academic conference in the field of seating, mobility, and assistive technology for people with disabilities. ISS draws key stakeholders from the continuum of care: clinicians, researchers, manufacturers, suppliers, consumers, and more are all present at the events.

Since its inception in 1982, ISS has been hosted annually across North America. The event is expected to draw close to 2,500 participants and roughly 100 exhibitors for a meeting that includes the exhibit hall, plenary sessions, instructional courses, research papers, and posters presentations by experts from around the world.

The ISS team also supports partner conferences in other continents including the European Seating Symposium, Latin American Seating Symposium, and Oceania Seating Symposium.

Learn more about ISS, find registration information, and view the event schedule on the ISS website.

Questions can be directed to the ISS team at