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A diverse and well-trained workforce is critical to meet the needs of a growing number of individuals who can benefit from Assistive Technology (AT), a number expected to double from one to two billion people by 2050. To ensure that AT is appropriate for those who need it, the workforce must promote excellence in AT education, design, provision, manufacturing and research. (View the work of our RST alumni and faculty in the video above.) To help fuel this workforce growth, the Department of Rehabilitation Science and Technology (RST) is offering the AccelerATe Scholarship.

Scholars will receive a one-time maximum scholarship award of $5,000 (U.S.) to offset costs associated with RST degree-granting programs including the master’s in either Rehabilitation Technology (RT) or Prosthetics & Orthotics (P&O).


  • Demonstrate financial need for the scholarship
  • Be from a group that is under-represented in STEM or health care fields and/or have demonstrated leadership supporting disadvantaged groups, such as racial/ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, individuals with disabilities, or those in low-resource settings.

How to Apply

Prospective students who submit an application to the Rehabilitation Technology (RT) and Prosthetics & Orthotics (P&O) programs will receive detailed information on how to apply for an AccelerATe Scholarship. 

Application Requirements

Financial needs

In a few sentences, provide insight as to why you qualify for this scholarship based on financial need.

Diversity and Inclusion

Submit an essay of no more than 400 words answering the following questions:

  • How have you served as a role model for groups under-represented in STEM/health care?
  • What activities did you participate in and how did your efforts support diversity and inclusion initiatives?
  • How have your experiences and challenges related to diversity and inclusion shaped your career goals?

Selection of Awardees

Awardees will be selected by the RST Selection Committee.

Expectations of AccelerATe Scholars

  • Maintain a good academic standing of at least a 3.0 GPA in your program and make continuous progress towards your degree.
  • Participate in RST’s diversity and inclusion activities.
  • Provide a ~1/2 page written overview of your career goals and how the AccelerATe scholarship supported those goals following completion of your graduate degree program.

The AccelerATe Scholarship is sponsored by the Kaufman family.