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What makes a successful online student? 

It is vital that students assess their skills and readiness for online learning as the format is not suited for all learners. As you consider your interest in the PAS-Hybrid offering, take a moment to review the following characteristics of successful online learners. Individuals who possess 75% or more of these qualities are likely to succeed with the PAS-Hybrid program:

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Good time management
  • Self-driven learner
  • Ability to work independently and within small groups
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Comfortable with online technology
  • Goal-oriented
  • Comfortable in a “virtual environment”
  • Persistent even when confronted with obstacles
  • Good problem-solving abilities

How well do you fit the criteria?


The University of Pittsburgh PA Studies Hybrid Program has applied for Accreditation - Provisional from the Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA). The University of Pittsburgh PA Studies Hybrid Program anticipates matriculating its first class in January 2023, pending achieving Accreditation - Provisional status at the September 2022 ARC-PA meeting. Accreditation - Provisional is an accreditation status granted when the plans and resource allocation, if fully implemented as planned, of a proposed program that has not yet enrolled students appear to demonstrate the program’s ability to meet the ARC-PA Standards or when a program holding accreditation-provisional status appears to demonstrate continued progress in complying with the Standards as it prepares for the graduation of the first class (cohort) of students.

In the event that the program does not achieve accreditation all students who have deposited a seat in the program will receive a full refund. The program will not accept the class until which time provisional accreditation has been granted.