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There are many ways for you to meet with us and discuss our programs!  

Open House 

SHRS hosts an Open House for prospective students every Spring and Fall. Students of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to attend. Faculty and students from many of our programs are represented at the event. It provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the structure of our School and how to to prepare for the application process. It's also a great way to gain insight into student and academic life here at SHRS.  

Make an Appointment

If you can't attend Open House, or just need more guidance on program choices and requirements, you can always meet with us. Please contact admissions by e-mail or phone to schedule an appointment ( or 412-383-6558).   

Sample a Class

Some of our programs offer students the opportunity to observe a class during the academic term. To see which courses are being offered at this time, check the University's Sample a Class program.

Undergraduate University Tours and Information Sessions

The University Office of Admissions and Financial Aid offers regular tours and information sessions to prospective freshman and undergraduate transfer students only. To access a schedule and for registration information, click here to visit their web site. 

Graduate University Tours 

Prospective graduate students who would like to schedule a campus tour, please contact to coordinate a tour with our Trailblazers, our graduate tour guides. This tour must be scheduled in advance. Please be sure to contact the SHRS admissions office at to schedule informational meetings about SHRS Departments and programs. 

Social Media  

Connect with SHRS on social media! The following are special events happening this spring:

  • Questions about the SHRS admissions process? Find answers during a scheduled Snapchat Q&A.
  • What's it like to be a student at SHRS? Join us for our Student Takeovers on Snapchat starting Tuesday, February 14, 2017.

Join Us at a Fair Near You!

Date Place
Thursday, February 16 University of Pittsburgh - Greensburg
Monday, February 20 University of Pittsburgh - Titusville; Health Science Exploration Day
Wednesday, February 22 CCAC Boyce; Pitt Day Fair
Monday, March 6 CCAC Allegheny; Pitt Day Fair
Wednesday March 15 University of Michigan; Health & Medical School Expo
Thursday, March 30 Wake Forest University; Spring N.C. Health Professions Fair
Thursday, April 6 University of Memphis; National Convention on Undergraduate Research
Tuesday, April 18 Vanderbilt University; Health Professions Graduate School Fair
Wednesday, April 19 UC San Diego; Health Professional Fair
Thursday, April 20 UC Riverside; Health Professions School Information Day Fair
Tuesday, April 25 Virtual Diversity Fair via CareerEco
Thursday, April 27 University of Maryland; Health Professions School Recruitment Fair