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SHRS Graduate Students

SHRS graduate students have two sources of travel grant funds: 

  1. SHRS PHD Students Travel Grant Program.
    1. SHRS Travel Grant Application Instructions - (Updated 11/2019)
    2. SHRS Travel Grant Online Application
    3. SHRS Travel Grant Reimbursement Information (Updated 2/2024)
    4. Blank W9 PDF
  2. Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) Travel Grant Program
    1. Please refer to the GPSG Travel Grant website for additional information and the Electronic Approval form and TB Expense Form

Other Information:

  • Both programs are funded through a portion of the graduate student activity fee, and provide funds to reimburse students for travel expenses. (Funds are not disbursed prior to the dates of travel).
  • Students may seek funds from both programs for a single travel event.
  • Students may receive a maximum of one grant from each program per fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) based on the dates of travel.
  • Funding in both programs is limited, and is awarded on a first come-first served basis.

Please contact the SHRS Student Advisory Board at if you have questions about travel grants.

Comparison of SHRS and GPSG Travel Grant Programs

Who administers the travel grant program?

SHRS: Student Advisory Board (SAB) Executive Board
GPSG: University of Pittsburgh Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) Executive Committee

Who is eligible to apply?

SHRS: PHD students currently enrolled at SHRS (see application for further details)
GPSG: All currently-enrolled University of Pittsburgh graduate students

When can I submit my application?

SHRS: Up to 60 days PRIOR to travel (due to limited funding no applications will be accepted after conference attendance)
GPSG: Within 60 days of return (applications NOT accepted prior to travel)

How much money is awarded for each grant?

SHRS: $150
GSPG: $100-200 (Grant amounts depend on the type of event-see application for details)

Is travel within Allegheny Co. eligible for travel grant reimbursement?


Whom should I contact for more information?