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Pitt Services

Office of University Counseling Center

Cick here for information on the University Counseling Center.

Nordenberg Hall - Wellness Center

2nd floor - 119 University Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone:  412-648-7930

Virtual Hours

  • Monday & Thursday:  8:30 a.m. - 8:00 p.m
  • Friday:  8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Virtual Drop in Hours

  • Monday-Friday: 9 a.m - 4 p.m

Please note: University Counseling Center is closed on weekends and all University holidays, including the winter recess.

If you are in an emergency situation where danger is imminent and immediate help is required, call 911 or the Pitt Police at 412-624-2121


UCC Mental Health Crisis Response: 412-648-7930 x1

Sexual Assault Response: 412-648-7856

Resolve Crisis Network: (more information below) 1-888-796-8226

Additional Resources 

Thrive at Pitt - Discover the power of well-being, utilize your strengths, and live your best life.

Graduate and Professional Students - Visit our services page to learn more about additional services available for Graduate & Professional Students.

Pitt Food Pantry - If you are struggling with food insecurity or would like to donate, please visit the Pitt Food Pantry. Open to all Pitt community members.

Pitt’s Office of Civil Rights and Title IX assists in responding to and addressing reports of harassment and discrimination. The office oversees policies and processes to respond to bias incidents, and provides education and training to prevent and reduce harassment and discrimination.

Graduate/Professional Student-Specific Services:
Counseling Groups:

  • Graduate Student Support: For only graduate students, this group is ideal for exploring personal, academic, and practical challenges that can affect your work in graduate school.
  • Understanding Self and Others – Graduate Students Only: This group can be a valuable way for members to learn about how they experience others and how others experience them. Such experiences can enhance members’ abilities to create and sustain satisfying relationships and manage the variety of challenges that often arise in relationships, whether they be with friends, classmates, co-workers, supervisors, partners, or family members.

Virtual Workshops at the University Counseling Center

Please see the link below to learn more about workshops being offered and how to join. You are welcome to attend as many workshops as you’d like. (Please note: UCC Virtual Workshops utilize Zoom Video Conferencing. Be sure to download Zoom prior to joining a workshop.)

Virtual Workshops

Additional Resources

Therapy Assistance Online resources (TAO) - TAO as a private online library of engaging, interactive programs to learn life skills and to help you bounce back from disappointments or stumbling blocks in life. As you watch videos and engaged with our interactive components, you’ll gain the knowledge, self-awareness, and skills you need to achieve your goals.

Let’s Talk  - Let’s Talk is a drop-in service that offers informal, confidential consultation with a clinician from the University of Pittsburgh Counseling Center. Let’s Talk consultations are free for all enrolled University of Pittsburgh students.

Click here for more UCC services.

Non-Pitt Services 

Resolve Crisis Services - If you do not need the service for yourself, you can call for help or advice for a friend, family member, a fellow student or co-worker. Call before a crisis becomes a crisis.

A crisis can be anything from feeling lonely and needing to talk, to feeling overwhelmed with life. Stress and problems — both large and small — fill each of our lives and we all have moments of crisis. No matter how big or small these problems seem, it helps to talk with someone. There's no need to wait until a problem spirals out of control to reach out for help.

Resolve is a 24-hour, 365-day crisis service.

Contact Info:
Call 24-hour hotline:1-888-7-YOU-CAN (796-8226)
For more information and non-urgent matters, call 412-864-5004 or e-mail resolve Crisis Services.

Walk-in Crisis Center:
333 North Braddock Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15208

This service is available to all faculty, staff & students at no charge. (Please note that some residential services will be billed to insurance).

Counseling Available to Online Students

Counseling is available to Online Students that are not on campus through ComPsych Guidance Resources Worldwide – Please reach out to your Success Coach or Department for more information.