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You might not see him in the clinic, but Health Information Management department chair Bambang Parmanto is envisioning the future of telehealth, mobile and wearable technologies to deliver adaptive and personalized interventions for individuals with chronic and complex conditions.
Dietetics instructor Caroline Passerrello knows that community health starts with a balanced diet, and she is dedicated to applying her vast experience and hands-on style to teaching students how to create more equitable and nutritious communities.
PittSHRS is always pushing the edge of what's possible, and associate dean for Technology and Innovation Dave Brienza has been leading the charge in the study of mobility and tissue integrity management (seat cushions and mattresses) for over three decades.
Ever since a young age, Rehabilitation Science & Technology department chair Jon Pearlman has been an avid engineer dedicated to designing, improving, and developing assistive technology.
The impact that Professor Sue Whitney has had on the study of vestibular disorders and falls is dizzying (well, actually because of her it's the opposite!) as she forges new techniques to help people dealing with balance, dizziness, and concussions.
In a country with an increasingly aging population, it’s important to all of us that our elderly receive quality care. That’s why Dr. Natalie Leland is actively seeking ways to influence national health care policies to ensure care that makes a difference.
Not being able to hear, especially when you’re in the midst of a health care crisis, can be detrimental to your recovery process. That’s why Dr. Catherine Palmer has championed life-changing interventions in audiology for patients of all ages. Here’s how she’s changing every day health care practices to help patients get better, faster.
Physical Therapy takes time and energy. That’s why Dr. James Irrgang has dedicated his career to making sure that physical therapy patients see the results they deserve. Here’s how he’s influenced PT practice across the world.
The dedication of SHRS faculty … extraordinary. Their impact … immeasurable. Learn how Dr. Elizabeth Skidmore, chair of Pitt Occupational Therapy and SHRS associate dean of Research, is influencing the field of rehabilitation in more ways than one. It's all part of our new Faculty Spotlight Series.
At SHRS, our students, faculty, and alumni find every opportunity to succeed. Here's what sets SHRS apart.
The Mighty Strong Strength and Conditioning Program was founded by student volunteers from the University of Pittsburgh Physical Therapy Department.
L'vonne's life changed forever when a lawnmower accident resulted in a below-the-knee amputation. But thanks to the work of prosthetists, she is still able to walk. Hear her story.
A local couple finds ways to cope with memory loss through the BRiTE wellness program, co-created by Pitt Occupational Therapy Department Chair Elizabeth Skidmore.
Learn about Phil’s struggle with dysphagia and his path to recovery with the help of CSD Professor Jim Coyle and his students.
Pitt SHRS Counseling students get unique hands-on experiences to help them become confident clinicians when they graduate.
Meet several Pitt SHRS alumni who work with professional athletes and some who were on the road to the "Big Game" during the 2017 NFL season!
See how SHRS researchers have added a new dimension of fun to the world’s first accessible water park.
Meet Barbara, retired Pitt faculty and current participant in one of our many community outreach programs through the Nutrition graduate curriculum.
Learn how our Study Abroad Program in Ireland elevates our pre-professional students.
Meet a Pitt Athletic Training student pursuing her dream of breaking barriers.
Learn how the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals, established by SHRS, is improving the quality of life for children and adults around the world.
Learn about this SHRS alumnus' role on a championship team.