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Enrollment Information:

Enrollment appointments:

The enrollment appointment is the day and time when a student can begin enrolling. Once a student’s enrollment appointment begins, adding, dropping, or editing classes can be done until the end of the add/drop period. Students can view their enrollment appointment date and time by logging into, click on Student Center Login, click on Self Service, and then click on Student Center.

  • Enrollment appointments are assigned according to credits completed. Those students with the highest number of completed credits will be given the earliest appointments for Fall and Spring terms only.

  • Students cannot enroll in classes prior to the date and time of their assigned enrollment appointment.

  • Enrollment appointments are not assigned for the summer term; students can begin enrolling on the first day of the summer term open enrollment period.

Graduate students, please check with your department on enrolling, as some departments do a block enrollment for their students. 

Before you enroll:

Meet with your academic advisor to determine the courses you will be taking.

  • Undergraduate students have an Academic Advising Hold (ADV) placed on their account until they meet with their advisor and go over their Plan of Study. Your Academic Advisor removes the Academic Advising Hold (ADV). During your designated enrollment date and time, you will be able to self-enroll in your courses according to your Plan of Study.

  • Graduate students do NOT have holds on their accounts but check with your department if you need to turn in an Enrollment Form.

Resolve any other holds (, medical) that you may have on your account with the respective departments. If the holds aren’t removed from your account, you will not be able to register.

Other IMPORTANT items for enrollment to be aware of:

  • When a course is available for variable credit it will always default to 1 credit.  If you need to take the course for more than 1 credit, you have to choose more credits. If you do not catch this and it needs to be changed later, the extra tuition could cause problems regarding financial aid.  

  • All request to enroll over the maximum # of credits for a term (Undergrad 18 credit max & Graduate 15 credit max), must be approved by your advisor and approval must be sent to Kellie Beach, SHRS Registrar at for final approval.  After final approval the SHRS Dean’s office will enroll you in the extra credits.  Students should be aware that any additional credits will be charged to you on a per credit basis.

Permission Numbers

If any of your SHRS courses require permission to enroll, please seek approval from the instructor of the course via email. Forward that email to appropriate Student Service Administrator listed below to receive a permission number to enroll.

Note:  If it is a course outside of SHRS you will have to obtain a permission number from the school in which the class is offered. 

  • Undergraduate students, contact your department administrator for a permission # for an SHRS course and for courses not in SHRS, email the instructor or the Deans office of the school offering the course.
  • Graduate students must send instructor approval email to Lori Kieffer at to receive a permission #.
  • ​PhD students must send instructor approval email to Courtney Fleck at to receive a permission #.
    • PHD students enrolling in HRS 3001 Dissertation Credits you must also turn in with your instructor approval the HRS 3001 objective form
    • PHD students that have finished taking all required coursework and have been approved to move on to FTDI (Full Time Dissertation Study) course FTDI 0000 until graduation must also turn in with your instructor approval the FTDI Objectives Form
      • FTDI is 0 credits but students are considered full time and pay $1115 for the academic term (tuition rate of $500 + $615 fees), Cost is subject to tuition increases per academic year.

Enroll in 5 easy steps >>>> View the steps for easy enrollment 

Students: PeopleSoft/HighPoint CX User Guide


Cross Registration with other institutions using the (PCHE form) Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education

If you are considering cross registering for a course at another institution, using the PCHE (Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education) system, you must complete the updated PCHE Cross Registration Form

The deadline for submitting a PCHE form to the SHRS Student Affairs office, is 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the spring or fall term. (Due to holiday - Spring term forms must be submitted prior to Holiday break)


  1. Before submitting this form, please review the course with your advisor for approval. Advisor Signature will be required.
  2. Enrollment is limited to one class per semester/term. (Fall and spring only - Cross registration does not apply to summer semesters/terms)
  3. Any full-time student enrolled at a Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) school may cross register. Approved schools are listed on the form.
  4. The form must be typed and printed before submitting.
  5. You must be enrolled as a full-time student at Pitt before your PCHE course is processed (Fulltime is undergraduate 12-18 credits, graduate 9-15 credits) You must maintain your fulltime status after PCHE is approved. 
    • If you do not exceed the maximum credits of full-time status, you will not be charged any additional tuition.
  6. Applying to cross-register does not guarantee enrollment in the requested course at the host institution.  If successful, you will be notified of your enrollment by the host institution. 
  7. It is HIGHLY recommended that students do not cross register in their term of graduation, as end of term does not always match up with Pitt and could hold up your graduation.
  8. Pitt students applying to cross-register at other PCHE institutions should refer to the host institution's latest mandates and guidelines for attending in-person classes as related to the COVID-19 pandemic before applying to cross-register.  

Completed forms must be submitted to home dean (Student Affairs Office 4044 Forbes Tower, or emailed to the SHRS Registrar, Kellie Beach at for processing.  Upon approval it will be submitted to the home registrar (main Pitt Registrar at Thackeray), and host registrar.

Click here for full instructions on completing the form.