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Augie Turano has worked in the information technology industry for more than three decades. With an educational background in chemistry, physics, as well as computer science, he has worked extensively in medical informatics. Turano was the first CIO in the Veterans Affairs (VA) hospital in Oakland, PA and a National Enterprise Architect in both software engineering as well as hardware infrastructure for VA facilities nationwide. He has developed leading-edge software and made many contributions to the VA Electronic Health Record (EHR),VistA, for which he received two Presidential Letters of Commendation. His work in private industry includes many years as a Federal Healthcare Team Architect at Microsoft, IT Director at Quest, and VistA Architect at HP. He also worked as a special assistant to the VA CTO, Dr. Peter Levin, applying domain knowledge and technical skills toward the joint EHR work between VA and the US DoD.

Turano is currently the IT Director of Veterans Informatics and Computing Infrastructure (VINCI) and works with Corporate Data Warehouse datasets utilizing SQL Server and other tools for data mining and analysis of both structured and unstructured data (natural language processing). Turano is a technical lead in the implementation of IBM's Watson Artificial Intelligence computing to vast quantities of VA medical records, and works with predictive analytics using big data.  


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