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Elizabeth Herring is the administrative and financial coordinator for the Department of Occupational Therapy and joined the team in 2023.  In this role, Herring reconciles department and grant finances including managing the TEAM form for all hourly personnel.  In addition, she is the point person for the hiring process for all hourly administrative and academic employees as well as responsible for tracking several onboarding tasks and the certifications for all employees in the department. Herring started working at the University of Pittsburgh assisting the Payroll Department in February 2019. Before joining Occupational Therapy, she held various roles with increasing responsibility in the Human Resources Shared Services Department, beginning with this team only months after the Department’s inception and creation in the fall of 2019. Herring also has 10 years of experience in the hotel industry and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


Department of Occupational Therapy