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Research Interests:

  • Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
  • Measures and promotion of physical activity
  • Effect of physical activity in individuals with arthritis

Ongoing Projects:

  • Associations between physical activity participation and plasma biomarkers in individuals with lumbar spinal stenosis - a secondary data analysis

Peer-Reviewed Publications


Gustavo J. Almeida is an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Therapy. His primary focus is musculoskeletal rehabilitation to improve functional and physical activity outcomes in patients with arthritis. He has worked in several clinical trials, and his responsibilities include but are not limited to study coordination, delivery of interventions, measurement of clinical outcomes, data management and analysis, and dissemination of findings through presentations and publications. Almeida also oversees data collection, processing and analysis on physical activity measured using accelerometers for several studies. His research interests include measures and promotion of physical activity, and musculoskeletal rehabilitation with focus in individuals with arthritis. He teaches kinesiology and biomechanics in the undergraduate program in rehabilitation science and in the master's of prosthetics and orthotics program.


Department of Physical Therapy


Undergraduate Program in Rehabilitation Science