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Malcolm McNeil is a VA Research Speech Pathologist and distinguished service professor whose research has a primary focus on the cognitive, linguistic and motor mechanisms, assessment, differential diagnosis and treatments (both behavioral and neurophysiologic) for neuropathologies that affect language, speech and other communication disorders in geriatric populations. His current efforts are directed primarily toward: 1) evaluating the attentional (executive) and memorial (working and short-term) cognitive mechanisms subtending language comprehension impairments in persons with aphasia [currently funded by VA Rehabilitation Research and Development]; 2) the development of computerized listening, reading and perceptual-motor reaction time measures for the quantitative and qualitative assessment of persons with aphasia and other neuro-cognitive-linguistic impairments; and 3) the study of the mechanisms and differential diagnosis of apraxia of speech. Current research also compares normal healthy aging to the age-matched populations of interest or compare younger populations to geriatric populations to explore the effects of aging on cognitive and linguistic disorders.

McNeil is the author/editor of several books, more than 40 book chapters and over 120 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and has given over 290 peer reviewed presentations and more than 165 national and international invited talks and workshops. He has held multiple grants from both the NIH and Veterans Administration. He has directed 28 Masters theses and 20 PhD Dissertations.