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Paul J. Arciero is a professor in the Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh. He has served as a performance and nutrition expert for Olympic medalists, world-class athletes and business leaders throughout the world. He serves as a senior consultant and scientific advisory board member to the nutrition, fitness and wellness industries and was appointed to the International Protein Board. Arciero specializes in providing health and wellness consulting services for organizations, institutions, industries and teams of all sizes. He is president and CEO of PRISE LLC, a nutrition and fitness consulting company that owns the PRISE® Life app and is the author of the Amazon #1 Best-Selling book “The PRISE® Life.” He and his wife Karen have three sons, enjoy spending time together and being outdoors.


Department of Sports Medicine and Nutrition


Nutrition Science

Education & Training

  • BSc Special Studies, Central Connecticut State University, 1986
  • MSc Physiology of Exercise, Purdue University, 1987
  • MSc Nutritional Sciences, University of Vermont, 1993
  • DPE Physiology of Exercise, Springfield College, 1993
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Washington University School of Medicine, 1994


  • Edwin M. Moseley Faculty Leadership Award 2022
  • Fellow, American College of Sports Medicine (FACSM) 1999
  • Fellow, International Society of Sports Nutrition (FISSN) 2018
  • Fellow, The Obesity Society (FTOS) 2014
  • Isagenix International LLC, Scientific Advisory Board Member 2017-present
  • Dymatize Nutrition, Scientific Advisory Board Member 2016-2020.
  • American Heart Association Advisory Board, Capital Region 2011-2017
  • Mid-Atlantic ACSM, Executive Committee, Member-at-Large 1998-2000
  • Springfield College Student Ad-Hoc Advisor for ACSM 1988-89

Representative Publications

Arciero PJ*, Bauer D, Connelly S. Ormsbee MJ. Timed-daily ingestion of whey protein and exercise training reduces visceral adipose tissue mass and improves insulin resistance: The PRISE study.  J Appl Physiol 117:1-10, 2014
Anderson-Hanley C, Arciero PJ, Nimon J, Westen S, Okuma N, Merz M, Zimmerman E. Exergaming and older adult cognition: a cluster randomized clinical trial. Am J Prev Med, 42(2): 109-119, 2012.
Arciero PJ*, Gentile CG, Brestoff J, Ruby M, Ormsbee MO, Nindl BC, Ruby ML. Increased Protein Intake and Meal Frequency Reduces Abdominal Fat During Energy Balance and Energy Deficit. Obesity Journal, July: 21(7): 1357-66, 2013.
Arciero PJ*, Ives SJ, Mohr AE, Robinson N, Escudero D, Robinson J, Rose K, Minicucci O, O’Brien G, Curran K, Miller VJ, He F, Norton C, Paul M, Sheridan C, Beard S, Centore J, Dudar M, Ehnstrom K, Hoyte D, Mak H, Yarde A. Morning Exercise Reduces Abdominal Fat and Blood Pressure in Women; Evening Exercise Increases Muscular Performance in Women and Lowers Blood Pressure in Men. Front. Physiol. 31 May, 2022. 13.


Arciero PJ*, Arciero KM; Poe M, Mohr AE, Ives SJ, Arciero AJ, Boyce M, Zhang J, Haas M, Valdez E, Corbet D, Judd K, Smith A, Furlong O, Wahler M, Gumpricht E. Intermittent Fasting Two Days versus One Day per Week, Matched for Total Energy Intake and Expenditure, Increases Weight Loss in Overweight/Obese Men and Women. Nutr J 21, 36 (2022).
Arciero PJ*, Poe M, Mohr AE, Ives SJ, Arciero A, Sweazea KL, Gumpricht E, Arciero KM. Intermittent fasting and protein pacing is superior to caloric restriction for weight- and visceral-fat loss. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2022;1‐11. https://doi:10.1002/oby..
Arciero PJ*, Grasso P, Anderson-Hanley C and Zimmerman E. Editorial: How does exercise modify the course of Alzheimer’s disease? Front. Aging Neurosci. 2023. 15:1127747. https://doi:10.3389/fnagi.2023.1127747   

Research Interests

Physical and Cognitive Performance Optimization

Personalized Lifestyle Medicine

Optimal Nutrition and Fitness