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Taylor considers it a great and unparalleled reward to be a part of a discipline that can accentuate the synergistic effects of medicine, technology and information. Only through education has she received the opportunities and experiences she strives to continue. She aspires to continue the work and research of her predecessors and hopes to have the ability to be a part of implementing improvements to better quality of life and equity of care for patients. She feels that the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh is the institution that would best allow her to achieve these goals in the future.

Research Interest Summary

Focusing on the importance of health information technology/HIE, aggregating data to comparative effectiveness research, and improving healthcare quality as a whole through data driven research

Research Interests

  • Improve Diagnostic Testing and Reduce Racial Disparities for Women with Ovarian Cancer
  • Pattern Detection for Screening of Ovarian Cancer through Machine Learning
  • Causation of Disparities Between Early and Late Stages of Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis