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Rendering of new proposed building. Subject to change.

Rendering of external view of the new proposed building. Images courtesy of Perkins & Will & Strada, subject to change.


Why a New Building? 

Currently, SHRS programs and labs are housed in seven buildings across Pittsburgh. The Fifth and Halket location will consolidate three of SHRS’ buildings, all along Forbes Avenue, bringing most of SHRS' 30+ programs under one roof. This is the school’s first building that will be specifically and strategically designed to meet SHRS’ immediate and future needs with modernized teaching facilities, especially for those programs currently occupying Forbes Tower and McKee Place. Modernization will not just be in classroom technology, but also in the clinical training facilities where students will work with state-of-the-art equipment.

Large glass lobby rendering. Subject to change.

Rendering of external view of the new proposed lobby of the new building. Images courtesy of Perkins & Will & Strada, subject to change.

The building will also be a hub for SHRS interprofessional education opportunities for all SHRS students, including those in programs at Bakery Square, Bridgeside Point, the Neuromuscular Research Lab (NMRL), the Southside Works Box Office and other locations.

In addition to the academic programs, our Dean’s Offices will also be headquartered in the new location. This will give staff, like those in Student Affairs and the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Engagement, direct access to more students, making us able to better gauge the services and resources necessary to benefit all SHRS students.

“This is a watershed moment for SHRS. Bringing together nine of our 13 health care disciplines will foster collaboration, strengthen the SHRS community and provide more opportunities for interprofessional experiences for our students, improving their readiness for the realities of health and rehabilitative care.”   

Anthony Delitto
Dean, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


The building is tentatively scheduled for completion by December 2025.

Programs in the New Building 

The location will bring together: 

  • All academic programs and Dean’s Offices currently located in Forbes Tower 
  • The undergraduate Emergency Medicine program from McKee Place 
  • The Department of Physician Assistant Studies’ programs from the Murdoch Building 
  • Our newly announced Doctor of Chiropractic program 
  • Department research programs, such as those in Health Information Management and Communication Science and Disorders 

"The new Innovation Tower being constructed at Fifth and Halket is being designed specifically for interprofessional education, allowing for shared classrooms and instructors across the various health care disciplines. It will also provide a physical space in which our chiropractic students can socialize with students enrolled in other health care programs. This is a very significant development for health care education in general, and specifically for chiropractic education. This building will provide the physical space where chiropractic students will learn how to work together with other health care professionals in a team-based approach to improving patient outcomes."

Michael Schneider
Director, Doctor of Chiropractic Program

Building Features 

SHRS will be the primary occupant on floors three through eight. The 159,000 square feet building has gone through an extensive stakeholder design process to meet current and future needs for all didactic and clinical environments including state-of-the-art classrooms, simulation space and dry labs.   

rendering of a classrooms space with tables, chairs and monitors.rendering of a classrooms space with tables, chairs and a monitorrendering of a classroom space with tables chairs and monitor. subject to change

Rendering of a 50-capacity classroom. Images courtesy of Perkins & Will & Strada, subject to change.


Rendering of a student lounge space. Subject to change.

Rendering of a student lounge space. Images courtesy of Perkins & Will & Strada, subject to change.

“The design and thoughtful layout of the new building supports the three critical components of our work—teaching, research and service. Most importantly, the thoughtful approach weaves these aspects of our work together creating synergy; positively impacting our students and ultimately benefiting the people they will serve through their clinical practices and research endeavors.” 

Catherine V. Palmer
Professor and Chair, Department of Communication Science and Disorders
Professor, Department of Otolaryngology, University of Pittsburgh 
Director, Audiology, UPMC 

“I am excited for the opportunities the move to Fifth and Halket creates for SHRS students! There are thoughtfully designed classrooms and labs, comfortable and accessible communal spaces to study and collaborate, and additional space for the SHRS community to engage in academic, social and interprofessional events. I am also thrilled about the proximity the Student Affairs team will have to a greater number of SHRS students as we support their success; and for our hybrid, online and students in other Pittsburgh locations, to have Fifth and Halket as their home base and touchdown space when in Oakland.” 

Jessica Maguire
Executive Director of Student Affairs and Ombudsperson 

The University Office of Facilities Management will work with SHRS to seek Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification, supporting the University’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2037.     

Rendering of main reception for the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. Images courtesy of Perkins & Will & Strada, subject to change.



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Additional questions and answers will be added as they are received.

  • What will be located on the other floors of the building?
    • The University is focused on proceeding with the interior fit-out to support SHRS and has not yet finalized plans for the remaining floors.
  • Will parking be available?
    • We are working closely with University of Pittsburgh Parking, Transportation & Services on the management and coordination of parking spaces for faculty and staff at the new facilities. We will update information on parking as it becomes available.

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